Unfolded: A Toolbox for Geospatial Solutions

 Tuesday, August 9th

 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT

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Mobility Data Analysis and Cluster-Outlier Analysis

Join two of Foursquare’s engineering superstars, Ilya Boyandin and Xun Li, to dive into two of Unfolded’s newest features developed to provide you with the tools to unearth patterns in your data around travel and demand, from peoples’ commuting behavior to where they are going or how many individuals are traveling between different locations.

Get a quick demo and learn how these new features can be used to quickly and easily perform Mobility Data Analysis and Cluster-Outlier Analysis to gain greater insight from your data and better visualize what and how things like foot traffic may be impacting your business.

Focused on addressing challenges in geospatial analytics, Unfolded is dedicated to providing solutions through its advanced analytics and visualization platform and continues to grow its analytics capabilities and offerings to provide no-code tools to businesses, allowing them to quickly and easily gain actionable insights from their data.

Ilya Boyandin



Xun Li

Senior Software Engineer