[Webinar] - Easier, Faster Data Enrichment: Introducing Unfolded’s New Spatial Analytics Technology

 Wednesday, March 2nd

 10 AM PDT / 1 PM EDT

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Join us for the first ever public demo of Hex Tiles - a new tiling system built on H3 now available in Unfolded for fast, large-scale spatial analytics. Capable of processing hundreds of millions of rows of data in parallel, the Hex Tiles System is designed to easily ingest and enrich spatial datasets of all types and sizes - going from data unification to visualization in minutes. By transferring spatial data over the web in a tiled, tabular, gridded format, Hex Tiles make it easy to unify massive spatial datasets, visualize them at all scales and conduct analytics on the fly. 

Following his popular talk last year on H3, Senior Staff Software Engineer Nick Rabinowitz will present how Hex Tiles speeds up data enrichment and how your company can use it for site selection as one of its many applications. After the presentation, join us here to continue the conversation with Nick at 2pm ET for an Unfolded Fireside Slack Chat.

You will learn how Hex Tiles:

  • Speeds up data unification and enrichment. Quickly unify spatial data of all formats and visualize them in a matter of minutes.
  • Lets you visualize and fluidly explore massive datasets in the browser, no code required.
  • Supports powerful analytics or even machine learning by encoding data in a tabular, gridded format. This is great for use cases like site selection or similarity analysis.
Who should attend?
Data scientists, geospatial specialists and anyone interested in doing data enrichment or site selection in a fraction of the time.

Nick Rabinowitz

Senior Staff Engineer


Nick Rabinowitz has over 20 years of experience in software engineering, data visualization, and information management. Prior to joining Unfolded, he spent 5 years as a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Uber, where he led the development of business intelligence applications, helped to launch the Open Source H3 library, and created the Two Percent Pledge to promote charitable giving for Uber employees.